Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome to The Children's Garden!

Welcome to The Children's Garden!

This is a free place for families to bring their Zooby babies! We offer free stage toys, free photo opportunities with pose balls, and a small gift store to help fund our garden.  By visiting our garden, you are agreeing to the following rules.

1.  This is a PG Garden safe for families and babies and avatars role playing the lives of children.  There will be no nudity, no swearing, no sexual content, and no "adult" babygirl/babyboy role playing.  There are other places on the grid to foster those role playing genres; please use the Search tool to find what you need.

2.  This Garden is free to use.  At no time will anyone ask you for money.  Do NOT give your Linden to strangers.  If you wish to make a donation, please do so in the kiosks.  The gift shop proceeds benefit The Children's Garden and Literature Alive!

3.  At no time will anyone on staff ask to hold your baby.  Do NOT pass your baby to a stranger.

4.  Child Avatars are welcome here, but please stay in character as a child.  We allow voice on the land, and, obviously, you might not be able to disguise an adult voice, but your language and actions should be consistent with the role you choose to play.

5. This is not a bar or a "pick up joint."  You may IM avatars privately, but please do not actively flirt or "hook up" in public chat.  This makes the Garden safe for all families.

6.  We follow ALL Linden Lab policies concerning child avatars.  If we feel that LL's TOS is being violating, we will report and ban you.

7.  If you have a complaint about a visitor and we are not online, drop us a notecard and include the text that your complaint is based upon.  We take all matters seriously, and will ban anyone that jeopardizes the safe and loving family environment we are trying to promote.

8.  If you have any comments, complaints, suggestions or wish to donate toys or materials to the garden, please IM Desideria Stockton or Majesticfantasy4u2 Brannan

9.  Visit our garden, and join our group to hear about events and gifts.

10.  Have fun!!!

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