Sunday, January 1, 2017

Meet Our Families!

The Children's Garden is built by the loving hands of two families.

Carol and Moondog Diggity and their baby boy, Levon, work with Desi and Van Hoil and their baby girl, Karena, to offer a safe and loving family environment in SL.

The Diggity Family

Levon, Carol and Moon Diggity

Carol and Moon Diggity love to build, decorate, dance, and play games like Greedy, Skippo, and Slurbage.  Both are long time residents of SL and have been SL married for almost two years.  They live in the Eastern US.

The Hoil Family

Karena, Desideria and Van Hoil

Desi and Van Hoil love to build together.  Desi is a longtime resident of SL, and is the owner of Literature Alive!, SL's oldest non-profit literature simulation group.  While Van is newer to SL, he is a skilled builder.  He lives in the UK, and Desi lives in the US.

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